Maintaining Your Office Space

The office has become a major source for business, socialization and the collection of germs.  When we walk into the office in the morning we are hopefully entering into a clean and germ-free environment.  This environment is managed by janitorial services charlotte who will come into the property and do a thorough cleaning while everyone is done for the day.  Here are some of the services that can be performed.

Trash removal

The first thing that a cleaning company will do is come in and remove all of the trash.  This is done by going to all of the rooms and desks and dumping the cans into a large bin.  From there the cans are returned and in some cases a new plastic liner is installed.  Trash is then taken to the dumpster or other waste holding device.


Dusting it the next task that will be done.  You want to dust from high surfaces to lower surfaces.  When you do this you are knocking dust from above to the ground and not contaminating clean surfaces.  Once you reach the ground level all of the dust should be on the ground.  You want to make sure that you don’ have dust floating around the room that will deposit later after your job is complete.

Wiping down surfaces

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The next step is to wipe down surfaces.  Phones, keyboards, lamps and chairs all need to be wiped down and sanitized.  Throughout the day employees and customers will come in contact with all of these surfaces.  If they are not wiped down then the germs can stay and spread.

Vacuum and mopping

The final tasks in any cleanup is to vacuum and mop.  Since this will involve the carpets and floors you want to do them last.  Since you will be working from above down, this is where all of the dust and dirt will end up.  

Once you are done you will do a final inspection and touch up anything that was missed.  Turn off the lights, lock the door and await the employees to come back and start the process all over again.