Before You Pack the Bags: Tips for Moving Success

Moving is a big job, even when moving to a smaller apartment or house. Being unprepared only worsens the stress that relocations create. Rather than endure unnecessary, added stress, make sure you are prepared for the move. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that you are prepared and secure your smooth move.

1- Request Moving Quotes

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No two moving companies near me hopkins mn charge the same costs for service. Request estimates from a few movers to compare costs before hiring. This secures the best price for the moving services you need.

2- Declutter the Home

Why pack things and take with you to the new home that you don’t want or need? If the clothing doesn’t fit, the toy is broken, or if it’s not been used in months, it’s time to get it out of your hair. Declutter the home now and you’ll have less to pack, less to move, less clutter at the new home.

3- Create a Moving Checklist

Moving checklists ensure you relocate with all of your belongings safely and securely in place. A moving checklist helps when you load up the moving truck and when it’s time to set up your new home.

4- Transfer Services

Far too many people relocate before they transfer essential services such as electricity, internet, and car insurance. Don’t make this same mistake and be sure to transfer over services at least a week prior to moving.

5- Ask for Help

Moving is not a job designed for one person to handle alone. You aren’t a superhero; make sure you entrust family and friends to help complete various aspects of the move so you don’t endure any stress or hassle, or any more than what is expected at this time in your life.